Spring is finally here…

…and although we’ve just had a ‘usual’ soggy Easter Bank Holiday, the S-N-O-W that swept across the country just a few weeks ago, now seems a distant memory.

It caused plenty of disruption and for us, it was the first time in 10 years that we’ve had to actually cancel (postpone) a Wedding Fayre on the actual day; With more than 200 fayres produced in these ten years and our temperamental British Weather, you could say we’ve been pretty lucky all this time – but just as much effort and work goes into cancelling an event as it does to make it happen in the first place. But that’s what we do and what we have to be prepared for, and most importantly we took the decision to cancel for the safety of everyone concerned.

Surrey Snow – Conditions were far worse than forecast or anticipated and the particular venue in question – Lythe Hill Hotel & Spa in Haslemere, Surrey – was located on a steep incline which nobody could tackle, so  guests at the hotel were also stuck where they were, and nobody could access driveway until much later that afternoon, when typically the snow and ice had melted enough to allow a brave handful to try.

However, it wasn’t a complete wash-out so to speak; couples who had not necessarily seen the late cancellation on our Website or Social Media Pages and were interested in the venue potentially for their wedding, popped along later in the afternoon and were able to browse the facilities and discuss their wedding requirements with the expert events team. We had also left ample supplies of our Deluxe Tote Bridal Bags (worth over £10 each!) packed with new wedding magazines and information for wedding-planning-couples, and the venue confirmed that several couples booked their wedding with them on the day!

We are in the process of rescheduling the March 2018 fayre and as soon as both we and the venue have availability we’ll publish the details here on our website and across our Social Media Pages, so watch this space – we’ve ordered sunshine for the next Lythe Hill Hotel & Spa Wedding Fayre, to showcase this fantastic Surrey Wedding Venue.