Proud to support The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation

A little while ago we became aware of a fantastic organisation; The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation, and could not believe just how amazing they are and all what they achieve….Their sole purpose is organizing and funding weddings for terminally ill people.

There are many men and women in the UK living with life limiting conditions or terminal illnesses who long to marry their special partner in life.  At The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation they believe that few things in life can be more important or rewarding, than giving such a person a chance to have their dream wedding day, with all the excitement, love and happiness that brings.

Here at PMN Wedding Fayres we are fortunate to see many healthy-happy couples planning their dream wedding day, browsing all of the fabulous products and services at our many wedding fayres. We would ask you to take a moment either whilst still piecing together all the elements of your wedding, or perhaps after enjoying your own magical wedding day, to consider if you could possibly assist in making someone else’s day equally as special…

There are many ways you can do this, from donating your wedding dress or other outfits and accessories – by simply taking them to your local ‘Johnson’s The Cleaners’ (it’s that easy!)  To an actual monetary Donation; however much, and whichever way, you choose to give they rely on donations from supporters to fund weddings in such circumstances, when time really is of the essence.

Perhaps you aren’t sure what you’d like as wedding gifts, or you may not need or want any at all (!) This provides an opportunity for your guests to donate to this worthwhile cause; having experienced your special day with you, we know that they would wholeheartedly support someone else enjoying the same amazing day, with their friends, families and loved ones, who they may otherwise not have the opportunity to share such a precious memorable occasion with.

There’s much more we could tell you but please take a moment to visit the website for further details;

Even if you pass this information on to someone else, you will have assisted in spreading the word about The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation. Thank You

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