PMN turn 10!

We’re not quite sure how we’ve fast forward from 2008 to 2018, but we celebrated our 10 Year Anniversary at the incredible Old Thorns Manor Hotel, Golf & Country Estate – on Sunday 8th July.

Our largest Wedding Venue, meaning our largest Wedding Fayre – we had over 80 types of wedding businesses showcasing throughout this vast and opulent hotel, providing wedding-planning-couples with plenty of ideas and inspiration for their special day.

The spectacular Fashion Show was as always, produced and choreographed by the ‘professionals’; Manic Stage Productions – Having worked with ‘Manic’ for many years, we know they work their ‘Magic‘ and create a beautiful show for us, and they delivered as usual. To top it off we also had a wedding ring deliver flight by the beautiful Barn Owl – Willow – from CSR Falconry; if ever you were looking to WOW your guests, seeing one of their beautiful barn owls gliding down the aisle has to be it.

A bustling busy day with lots of lovely couples visiting, welcome drinks, deluxe  gift bags and more – we were blown away to be called up on the stage after the fashion show and presented with a poem (written by one of our long term Exhibitors) and many beautiful gifts; this wasn’t just to commemorate our 10 years in producing professional wedding fayres, but to show their own appreciation for what we do (all what goes on behind the scenes) By attending our fayres over the years, they have gained much business and been able to meet with couples first hand, helping them with their plans and requirements.

We couldn’t have been more touched by this generous show of appreciation and indeed affection – and we’re still getting over it now!

It ended the Season on a high for us, as we now take a break through the busy Summer Holidays and return for our Late Summer & Autumn Fayres in September; with the current heatwave we hope this has given lots of couples their dream day, with very little forecast of rain, I’m sure nobody was expecting the opposite extreme of some of the hottest days on record!

We look forward to helping hundreds more couples with their wedding day plans, when we return in September…